Maths Flash

Once you have played with the Cuisenaire there are things you may have discovered.  Rods of the same length are the same colour, rods of the same colour are equal in length. Different lengths are different colours….

This may be more easily discovered if you decide to create something in particular from the rods.  Why dont you create a spaceship?  How do you select the rods you will need?  Try imagining the spaceship first.  What about a house?  Who lives there, what colour will the door be?

My Little House

I decided to make some changes.  I didn’t like the yellow! 🙂  Lots to think about,  will the colours I like fit in the space?  Can I make it fit?  If I change the yellow rods, will there be room for a door?


You can just call the rods by thier colour names.   A printable colour names PDF will be available in the resources section of the website very soon.

w = white    r = red    g = green    p = pink    y = yellow

d = dark green    b = black    t = tan    B = blue    o = orange


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