You want some?

So you may be thinking that a set of Cuisenaire would be worth getting.  You might be wondering if it’s worth the money.  A tough decision I agree.  Will it be useful?  Will it turn out to be just another “thing” sitting around gathering dust?

If you can’t decide, have a go on a virtual set of Cuisenaire.  There is a great free one on the NRICH website.  It’s called the Cuisenaire Environment, you can find it .  NRICH is a great website for all things maths, you might like to have an explore.

I have also got the Brainingcamp maths manipulatives on my iPad.  The Number Rods are similar to Cuisenaire, the colours don’t quite match but I don’t suppose that matters.  It’s not free but it’s not expensive either.

The best learning and fun happens with the actual rods but I just thought you might want to try some of the ideas with a virtual set while you decide whether it’s for you or not.

If you do decide to go for a set of Cuisenaire  I highly recommend the real stuff, it’s available from the The Cuisenaire Company.  I’ve used many different Cuisenaire rods and I like these the best.  They look and feel lovely, kids are excited to use them.   I always buy my Cuisenaire from them.

If you try any Cuisenaire activities and want to get in touch, I’d genuinely love to hear from you.  Take a look at my Parents page, if you want to know a bit more about the way I work.


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