Qualitative work with the rods

See I told you this would be fun!

In this blog I intend to keep posting activities and ideas starting at the beginning and working forwards in the order that maths concepts are generally acquired.  The idea is that eventually a whole course on how to teach maths using Cuisenaire will have been covered.

Qualitative work is what we have been doing so far.  It’s just playing, exploring and getting to know the qualities of the rods.   So far, I have been referring to the rods by their colour names.  This is because we are focused on how the rods relate to each other.  We are learning about concepts using colours.

It’s so much easier to understand the language if we don’t have to think about numbers and their values at the same time.

If you take a pink rod, can you find a rod which is equivalent to it?

One that is smaller?

One that is bigger?

Two rods which, end to end, are equivalent to it? dsc_1961

Or smaller?

Or bigger?

Try this with the yellow rod and then all the other colours.

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