My name is Siobhan McCalla and I created the Lightning Bolts Project, a maths catch up programme which enables children to experience a sense of achievement while developing essential maths skills at a pace which works for them.

I qualified as a primary school teacher in 1991, working for 14 years as class teacher in key stage 1 and 2. I was a maths curriculum co-ordinator for 7 years. After having my own children I spent 4 years running a childcare and tuition business from home. I began developing my Lightning Bolts Project in 2008, it started off as a year 6 project and when it became clear how well it was working I gradually developed resources for additional year groups. Lightning Bolts is now available for years 1 to 6.

I feel that my greatest strengths lie in working with children who need additional support; whether that be due to emotional and/or behavioural difficulties, a learning difference, lack of confidence or a combination of factors. My desire to develop my ability to help people with the struggles they were facing, led me to embark on a diploma in counselling which I completed with a distiction in 2006.

The Lightning Bolts Project is the result of my work as a teacher and my training as a counsellor. I love my work. It is very rewarding to see how much the children enjoy the programme and the enthusiasm with which they take part. As they work on the programme their confidence increases and, often for the first time, they are able to see themselves making progress in maths. This has such a positive impact on their learning generally and on their self-esteem.

The Lightning Bolts Project can be used in different ways for different individuals and for different schools. Whether it is used as a catch-up programme for children who might be falling behind, as an SEN resource, or both; the programme can lead to measurable improvements in childrens’ maths skills. I would be delighted to work with you to see how the The Project can benefit your children.