Lightning Bolts

Lightning Bolts cover mental strategies, known facts and place value. This section covers all the areas of number which I found children needed in order to confidently learn and retain written methods of calculation.

This section is invaluable for children who are still relying on counting forwards and backwards in ones, it is mainly used in years three and four.

This section of the project works best with Cuisenaire rods. There are six Lightning Bolts booklets which provide a framework of skills which children learn using the Cuisenaire rods. Once the children have developed effective strategies to derive number facts they can complete the relevant section of the booklet. By the time the children are completing the booklet they will know the answers, counting will be unnecessary.

When children become faster and more confident with the skills included in this section of the project it often has a very positive impact on children’s engagement the maths they do in class. It is quite common for children on the Lightning Bolts Projcect to get faster than their peers and this is fabulous for their self esteem.

cuisenaire1 cuisenaire2 cuisenaire3

Little Lightning Bolts | Large Lightning Bolts

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