Considering that this is a maths intervention, I continue to be delighted by the levels of positive feedback from children about their experience of working with the Lightning Bolts Project.

Take a look at some of the feedback/testimonials from headteachers, teachers, teaching assistants and most importantly, the children themselves.

“We are continuing to fund The Project through pupil premium as we believe it has had been crucial to narrowing the achievement gap in maths. Ofsted (November 2012) commented on the positive impact of the project as well as the effective use of pupil premium funding.”

Headteacher, South London

“I like Lightning Bolts as much as football, and I love football.”

Jamal,  year 4

“I’m glad I’ve done the Lightning Bolts project because I’ve been able to get smarter and understand maths better.”

Soda, year 6

“Lightning Bolts makes hard things easier than you ever thought they could be.”

Charlie, year 6

“Cuisenaire is fun, it means you can picture things in your mind.”

Jane, year 6

“My group of year 4 children were so anxious about maths, if you asked them a question they would just freeze. The Lightning Bolts project has given them so much confidence, they want to show off their skills in class. ”

Jeannie, year 4 teaching assistant

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